Matti Technology AG - Turnkey Industrial Inkjet Solutions since 1995

Since more than 25 years Matti Technology AG is the first address for turnkey inkjet solutions. As an integrator, we work with industry leading printhead and ink manufacturers.

"From Ink to Printer" - our motto

Since our foundation we research, design, manufacture and service digital high speed inkjet solutions for our OEM and end customers, worldwide. With all our expertise, we have gradually built a solid foundation of building blocks that allow us to build and bring to market inkjet presses quickly and efficiently. For our customers this means: fast time-to-market, components with a proven track record and minimum risk.
Everything we do is related to truly industrial inkjet solutions. Our components are built to last, are reliable and work in many different environments. They are built for a broad range of applications. These can be in graphic arts, packaging, corrugated, hybrid printing or print-to-object.

Our digital inkjet foundation is completely open - this allows us to decide which components to use based on technical requirements. Our experience says that every project must start with a working ink. Only then, the correct inkjet printhead can be chosen and from there the printer is developed. Therefore, everything we do is based around our credo "From Ink to Printer".

IR / NIR / Hot-Air dryer technology

We have learnt that the combination of substrate, ink and drying is the key. Therefore we have invested substantially in our own drying technologies. Today we have access to our own dryer assemblies that we adapt for the application at hand. Result: highly effective drying of various substrates with best-in-class energy efficiency.

Prototype and mass manufacturing

We maintain a healthy network of suppliers with whom we have worked successfully over many years. Our suppliers are key to help in various lifecycles of a product. Be it in the prototype phase or in full-swing production for serial manufacturing - we know who to talk to.

Inkjet testlab for waveform development and early stage application testing

Our Inkjet test lab is often the key to a successful project / product. Knowing the application our customer targets, will ultimately lead to finding the right ink. This will require many iterations to get it right. In our lab and in close collaboration with a broad range of ink manufacturers, we adjust commercially available ink platforms to meet the various chemical and physical parameters to perform reliably and efficiently in demanding applications and environments.


All our products are driven by in-house developed software - be it on the PLC / Control level or on our fully modular DFE package. Having all competencies under one roof has several benefits, such as complete interoperability between all components of a product, same look-and-feel across the product line and it provides the flexibility to rapidly implement different customer needs.