Inks - Driving Your Application

The ink is a key component of every successful digital inkjet solution. Different properties need to be achieved and maintained stable over time. Many physical and chemical properties need to be met. Degrees of freedom? Many.
For this reason, we provide a broad variety of inks suitable for applications for different applications, such as in graphic arts, packaging (flexible materials, folding cartons, corrugated), decor (flooring, wallpapers), print-to-object, security and labels.
A key part of every inkjet project is to optimise the interaction of the customised ink with the custom-built machine in terms of functionality, reliability and, last but not least, cost.
Necessary waveforms are engineered in the Matti lab, where all necessary equipment is available. A sophisticated test environment is available to perform various tests, which we also offer to interested customers via our ink performance service.

Aqueous Pigment and Dye Inks

Aqueous (or water-based) pigment and dye inks are available in varieties that are suitable to print on a broad range of substrates. With variations in their composition, these types of inks are well suited for the graphic arts industry on coated and uncoated media, but also flexible media.

Matti maintains a wide range of inks that are fully verified for compatibility with various inkjet head manufacturers.

UV Inks

UV inks are commonly used and supported by our equipment / machinery. In contrast to aqueous inks, ultra-violet (UV) inks use a photopolymer. With a certain amount of UV light applied to the UV printed substrate, the polymerisation process is initiated. Applying the full dose of UV light will yield a fully polymerised print.

Primer / Coating

The performance of aqueous inks (both pigment and dye) heavily depend on the substrate they are used with. Primers or coatings can help improve results and can broaden media flexibility. Therefor we have a variety of primers that we can offer and that are developed and tested within supported application scenarios.
In addition, we provide proven machinery to apply primers / coatings. More information about our primer / coater unit can be found in the products / primer section.

Specialty Inks - MICR and Security Ink

Many applications need security features, such as magnetic inks (MICR) or security inks, allowing to print (hidden) security features.
We have extensive experience in this area and are happy to assist towards your application.

inkjet test-pattern pigment aqueous ink