Inkjet Printbar

Flexible - Versatile - Scalable

The Matti printbar is designed in a modular and flexible way, making it the basis for any application be it in a narrow or very wide context. The printbar is scalable in width and has the possiblility to accommodate inkjet modules of different vendors.
Our printbars are set up in a smart way to make them easy to maintain and therefore eliminates expensive specialists for maintenance on site. In most circumstances, any operator can keep the system healthy and perform necessary tasks with a small toolbox in hand.

Press downtime? Not an issue: depending on the inkjet module used, the Matti Printbar can be equipped with cassettes holding the inkjet modules. This makes changing modules very fast. No alignment is necessary, as the inkjet modules come pre-aligned in the cassette.

Wide inkjet printbar up to 2'000mm Compact inkjet printbar for addressing, coding, marking applications

Mono, Process Colour, White and Orange / Green / Violet (OGV)

Our printbars are an important part of the writing system foundation. In combination with the other components of the writing system foundation, configurations are possible as mono engines or process colour (CMYK) engines. Depending on the market segments our print engines are applied, they can even be expanded to also use white and gamut expansion via additional printbars for Orange, Green or Violet (OGV).

Small, medium or large print width

Depending on the inkjet module used, the printbars have different print widths that are a multiple of the amount of inkjet modules used and the characteristic width of the inkjet module. Typical print widths are only 200mm - 600mm, but can, for range up to 4'000mm for specific applications such as flooring or decoration.