Monojet 108 and 216 Imprinting Systems

The ideal solution for inkjet imprinting on offset / flexo presses and as a standalone system

The New MJ-108 and MJ-216 are the latest products to join the Matti Technology AG Monojet family. These imprint systems are fully standalone, economic and high speed industrial solutions offering a 108mm (4.25”) and 216mm (8.5”) print width with versatile fluid compatibility for coated and uncoated stocks and up to 3 levels of greyscale for high quality picture reproduction.

The MJ line is compatible with aqueous and UV inks and is available with a print resolution of 600x600dpi or 1200x1200dpi (Q4 2021). The imprint module is operated via the Matti Technology AG Digital Front End (DFE) containing RIP software and job queue, capable of processing PDF files. The module incorporates the ink delivery system (IDS) fed from 10 litre cubies of ink. Up to 4 modules can be stitched together. Optional IR / NIR drying units are available and work seamlessly with the MJ product line.

Integration into offset or flexo presses is done via custom designed buckets that accept the MJ-108 or MJ-216 printheads.


The MJ-108 and MJ-216 allows you to add value to document printing, creating greater opportunities. The imprint modules can be integrated into a multitude of printing processes from offset presses to finishing equipment, typically used in transactional, commercial printing, packaging, corrugated packaging, folded cartons and labelling printing industry sectors. Ideally suitable for adding security coding, barcoding, addressing, text, logos, pictures and spot colour. Custom integrations with SQL databases or ERP systems to access variable data are optional customisation possibilities.

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