Matti OpenPress Substrate Transport

The OpenPress Digital Print Foundation is a collection of industry proven building blocks that the Matti Group provides to its OEM customers enabling them to rapidly design and bring to market their next generation digital press or paper processing product.


  • Access to our comprehensive foundation library
  • Cost competitive development, all modules are readily available and provided by Matti Technology AG
  • Incremental developments required to implement desired customer functionality
  • Quick time-to-market: normally within 6 months the first custom prototype is available
  • Low risk due to the use of industry proven modules
  • Flexible platform targeted at different markets such as Graphic arts, Transactional, Label, etc.

Matti has an installed base of more than 500 presses worldwide supplied by wellknown vendors, all based on modules from the OpenPress Digital Print Foundation.

Collaboration Principle:

The Matti Group welcomes interested OEM partners to collaborate in the development of new presses. Only modules where the Matti Group is the sole owner of the intellectual property rights are made available to the OEM.

As a co-engineering partner, Matti will adapt and extend the existing designs to meet the specifications of the individual project at hand. As a next stage, the first prototypes of the customer’s specific design will be built and tested. After the design has been verified and signed off by the customer, Matti will, if requested or required, take the design through all necessary agency approvals (UL / TUV / EMC / Safety) before beginning series manufacturing.

Available Components:

Printing Modules: Mono / CMYK / CMYKK print modules from 220mm to > 1'000mm and webspeeds up to 250 mtrs/minute. Matti print modules work for paper and plastic substrates down to 20µm.

Dryer Modules: Dryers are a combination of IR / NIR and air and can be configured modularly. Matti IR dryers are particularily efficient through the use of proprietary TuneIR® technology.

Primer Modules: The Primer Module can be used to treat non inkjet treated paper with a primer for optimised inkjet printing. Primer modules can be used standalone / offline or inline in a press design.

Preprocessing and Postprocessing Modules: Various modules are available, such as unwinder, rewinder, cutter, stacker, dynamic perforation, plow folders, etc.

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