Precision Webtransport

One of the core competencies of Matti are precise web transport systems. One of our customers is developing next generation print heads that are unrivalled in print quality and resolution. We have been approached with the request for a very precise substrate transport to conduct print tests in a hightech R&D laboratory environment.

Key Specifications

To realistically simulate real-world productions, the transport system needed to run at 150mpm. At that speed, an intrack and crosstrack precision of below 10 microns was required. To keep track that the system is performing within the specified parameters, we have develped a real-time measurement and monitoring system that visualises all relevant performance metrics. The solution was complemented with a set of Matti unwinders and rewinders. And, as with all major players on the market, safety was one key issue to be handled and was implemented.


  • Best-in-class webtransport
  • Very quick delivery time and low cost development due to readily available sub-systems out the Matti Digital Print foundation
  • Low risk due to the use of proven subsystems
  • Tight collaboration with the customer during the development, commissioning and taining phase
  • Anytime maintenance and support tasks are possible via the Matti remote assistance and monitoring feature

If you have any questions or want more information about this solution please contact us.

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