Remote Support and Maintenance

It is vital that printing companies have the best possible uptime with all their equipment. Matti has implemented a remote management and performance environment, that allows for flexible support and maintenance around the globe with a click.

Key requirements and benefits

Uptime and cost per page: these are the concerns of every printer around the world. We have taken these demands serious and have come up with world leading solutions to provide not only low cost per page but also the possibility to help customers optimise uptime through:

  • Predictive maintenance: Monitoring vital signs of equipment (vibrations, voltages, temperature, etc.) and collecting that data allows us to proactively inform the customer on when to change parts and to organise logistics well in advance - maximising uptime and lowering cost.
  • Remote support: Our remote access is secure (encrypted data connections via mobile network or cable bound) and permits access to machinery located anywhere on the world. Result: quick help at the touch of a button, dramatically less interventions that need an engineer on site.
  • Historical Data: We collect data on the machine (rolling time frame, GDPR compliant) that can be analysed at any time. This allows to easily replay events that may be hard to track as they only appear infrequently.

All our products ship with our remote access solution and are free of charge during the warranty period. Should a customer opt to keep the solution after the warranty period, the system automatically runs into a serivce contract.

If you have any questions or want more information about this solution please contact us.

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