MRT Reel Trolley

Robust reel trolley for continuous feed environments

The Matti Group range of reel trolleys are simple devices which allows an easy and secure method of moving large heavy paper reels from one location to another. Subject to specifications, reels can be loaded from the floor or from pallets. There are even narrow units designed to cater for roll stands, which have limited access. Ideal for use in applications where reels of stock arrive on a pallet and then need to be moved and loaded into an unwinder and visa versa where reels need to be unloaded from a rewinder and then loaded back onto a pallet for shipping.

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Technical Data

  • The MRT-20 is a robust and simple to use reel trolly - specifically designed for every day roll changes in highly productive continuous feed environments.
    • Simple to use
    • Very sturdy
    • Rubber rollers for smooth operation on any factory floor
    • For web width reels up to 560mm (22") or up to 760mm (29.5").