Matti 25 Year Anniversary

Today marks the 25-year anniversary of Matti

Founded in the pioneering times of the beginning of inkjet in an industrial context, Matti has in the many years evolved to a leading player in this area. Doing its work more in the background (some would say: Swiss understatement) by providing to large OEM customers leading edge technologies, machine concepts, designs and production at highest quality levels.

The company has always been dedidacted to inkjet. Within the years, a comprehensive set of technology has been developed. Today, Matti is in the position to design and build inkjet machines that power the portfolios of many large players in the market. But, due to the flexibility of the Matti pre-designed subsystems, we build many custom solutions for end-customers in the areas of packaging, corrugated, folding carton, flooring and many more.

We are looking forward to the next 25 years filled with innovation and mutual successes with our highly valued customers and team!

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