Complete Digital Print Tower

As a unique Print Tower for digital printing, the M-Tower™ includes mountings for inkjet heads, dryers, speed encoder, cue mark sensor and guarantees optimized reliability and operability. The paper is typically pulled by the host system, e.g. printing presses or finishing lines and can run up to 1500 ft/m (450m/min). There are 3 standard web sizes: 20” (520mm), 29” (740mm) and 38” (960mm). Other web widths can be manufactured upon your specific request. Printing on both sides of the paper usually incorporates 2 Towers or a Twin-Tower with an integrated turn bar.

Three types of dryers are available: single dryers which cover the width of one print head or wide area dryers to cover the whole print or paper area. Drum dryers are mainly used for heat sensitive materials and where the pull system can take the inertia of the drum. Wide area and drum dryers have a closed air system with centralised exhaust.

Precisely manufactured Inkjet head mounts guarantee perfect stitching and alignment of each head and are available for all common sizes of printheads and Matti printbars. Depending on the number of heads installed, there are various means to access them for easy cleaning and inspection.

    • Integration into legacy presses, enabling to print variable data
    • High volume continuous feed
    • Eco friendly - low power consumption
    • Ergonomic design with quick and simple paper thread up
    • User-friendly operator interface with Touch Screen display
    • Minimum ready-to-print time
    • Small footprint
  • Standard web width:
    • 20.5” (520 mm)
    • 29” (740mm)
    • 38” (960mm)
    • 500 ft/min (150 m/min)
    • 1000 ft/min (300 m/min)
    • 1500 ft/min (450 m/min
    Paper weight: 55-180g/m^2
    Electrical Power: 3x400VAC
  • Optional features include:
    • Ethernet communication kit
    • Print head servo positioner
    • Camera inspection system
    • Web guide / cleaning unit
    • Color Register Control System