Drying Technology

Customised IR / NIR / Hotair / UV Dryers

Matti has longstanding experience building dryers for different applications. These dryers are installed many thousand times in the field, mostly in machines of our OEM partners, and are efficient, reliable and tuned to match the customers application. All Matti developed and built dryers include an intelligent closed loop energy management which ensures that only the amount of energy is applied that is required.

Technical Data

  • Dryers can be custom built according the requirements of the customers application. Matti will diligently evaluate the required parameters of the drying situation and propose an adequate solution to the customer. This will then be implemented according to the findings and also the environment, where the dryer will be installed. Normally such custom designed dryers come with their own electrical cabinet, control software and sensors to work independent of the exisiting machinery. Nevertheless, certain interface definitions will need to be specified in advance, such as speed signals and safety circuitry.
    • Custom design according to customer needs
    • Energy efficient implementation
    • Differnt technologies possible: IR, NIR, UV, etc.
    • Built according to standards
    • Easy to operate