Matti Monojet 108 and 216 Imprinting Systems

Product documentation:

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The Matti Monojet 108 (4.25") and 216 (8.5") imprinting systems are part of a much broader family of imprinting systems, all offering cost effective, innovative and reliable solutions suitable for many marking applications. Each solution can be customised to meet the specific business needs. The Monojet 108 and 216 are full featured standalone economic solutions, designed for web speeds of up to 150 mtrs/min and offering inks for coated and uncoated stocks. The 8 level greyscale allows for high quality picture reproduction. The systems can be integrated in web presses, sheet presses or large flatbed systems.

Technical Data

  • The Matti Monojet is a fully standalone imprinting system. It contains a driver unit that accepts 10 or 20 liter ink containers, preconditions (degassing and filtering) the ink and delivers the ink to the printheads. The driver unit can drive up to 4x Monojet 108 or 4x Monojet 216 printheads. It comes with a PDF enabled digital front end (DFE) that controls the entire system. All parameters are visible via this DFE.
    • Compatible with a wide range of stocks, coated and uncoated
    • Standalone design
    • PDF input
    • Easy to operate
    • Easy maintenance
    • Upon request, built in remote support router
    • Resolution: 600 or 1200dpi
    • Drop on demand inkjet
    • Drop sizes: variable, up to 12pl
    • Recirculating ink supply
    • Compatible inks: aqueous and UV
    • Maximum web speed: up to 300m/min (at lower resolution)
    • Touch screen control
    • Buckets for integration into legacy offset or flexo presses can be custom designed and provided
    • The Monojet imprinting modules can be integrated via the Matti M-Tower and the MCR-1000 substrate transport.
    • Can be combined with the Matti IR / NIR 12kW SingleDryer
    • Can be combined with Matti UV curing systems
    • Custom interfaces to SQL databases or ERP systems can be built and integrated for variable data printing