Matti MOU5020

Tensionless Unwinder

The Matti Orion Unwind is the fundamental feature of any pre and post processing system requiring continuous feeding. The standard unit will feed reels of up to 50″ in diameter ensuring continuous operation of a digital printer or high- speed intelligent inserter for several hours. The Unwind features the unique Orion drive, giving exceptional on demand speed response characteristics. This allows the most difficult of stocks to be unwound, custom forms, label stocks, reels of photographic film, and light weight papers. The unique speed feature allows the Unwind to feed the latest high-speed digital printers and the most demanding intelligent inserter. To increase versatility the Unwinds are wheel mounted which allows the unit to be easily moved from one print line to another or from printer to inserter. The simple user interface ensures the Unwind will be equally at home in a finishing department or the most demanding print room.

  • - Maximum Reel Diameter 1'320mm (50”)

    - Maximum Reel Width 520mm (20.5")

    - Standard Airshaft 70mm (2 3/4") or 76mm (3”)

    - Maximum Line Speed Up to 182m/min (600ft/min)

    - Maximum Reel Weight 680kg (1500lbs)

    - Power Supply 208-240V-1/2ph-50-60Hz

    - Power Consumption 0.50kw

    - Standby Power 10 Watts

    - Air Supply 5.5 Bar (80 psi)

    - Gross Weight 600kg (1320lbs)

  • - High volume continuous feed

    - Eco friendly, low power consumption

    - Powered reel loading and unloading to the floor

    - Ergonomic design with quick and simple paper thread up

    - Reel shaft automatically locked into position

    - User-friendly operator interface with Touch Screen display

    - Minimum web-up time

    - Mounted on wheels for mobility

    - Small footprint and low height allows unimpeded view of process area

    - Trouble free unwinding

  • - Simple to use

    - Quick reel changes minimised down time

    - Wheel mounted for mobility

    - One touch operation

    - Very low operating power

    - Minimum web up time

    - Multi size air inflatable reel shafts available

    Reel lifting from the floor

    Communication port for printer or inserter

  • - Reversible direction unwinding

    - Up to 600 ft/min maximum speed

    - Tensionless output, controlled by loop height detection allows the unit to respond to web demand

    - Retractable airshaft inflator

    - End of Reel Sensor

    - Web Break Sensor

    - Communication port for host device

    - Automatic paper-jam stop and Emergency stop buttons

    - Automatic speed sensing

    - Automatic direction sensing

    - Supplied complete with airshaft

  • - Range of Airshafts available for standard cores - Splicing table

    - Flag detector

    - Splice detector

    - Built in compressor