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The Matti Group is a global leader for developing digital inkjet print and finishing solutions. The group's mission is to supply outstanding industrial grade inkjet technology and worldclass paper handling solutions exceeding our customers' needs, delivering a total quality solution - "Your Vision - our Mission".
The Matti Group includes renowned enterprises such as:

  • Matti Technology AG: acknowledged worldwide as systems integrators for digital web printing systems offering custom design and development from concept to fulfilment.
  • Matti Engineering AG: experts in purchasing, manufacturing and assembly inkjet presses.
  • Matti Orion Solutions: a leading manufacturer of pre and post processing equipment: Unwinders, Cutters, Rewinders, Dynamic Perforators, Paper Processors and Folder.

Mission Statement

The Matti Group designs and manufactures the world's leading and best performing turnkey industrial inkjet solutions, mainly targeted at the graphics art printing industry, but also other verticals such as flexible packaging, folding carton, corrugated, labels, direct-to-object and decor printing .

The Matti Group strives to design digital inkjet and web handling systems for its OEM customers that add value to their business and give them a competitive edge. The Matti Group's customers can expect to receive highly innovative solutions with the fastest time-to-market (normally under 6 months, depending on the scope of the development).

Matti's state-of-the-art solutions are based on continuous research, best-in-class quality, reliability and support during the lifecycle of the solution. In the mutual development phase the Matti Group provides its customers with outstanding advisory and engineering know-how to exceed the goals set.

The Matti Group treats its employees with dignity and respect and provides an environment where they can develop and thrive and, in turn, expects them to take responsibility and demonstrate entrepreneurial behaviour throughout the organization.

Services Offered

We are an experienced technology supplier offering consultancy, engineering, development, production, marketing & sales, logistics and after sales customer support for:

  • Digital inkjet presses
  • Industrial inkjet applications
  • Pre & post processing equipment
  • Coating & tinting equipment
  • Drying technology
  • Custom bespoke equipment
  • Finishing equipment


Matti has worked with some of the largest OEM customers worldwide - below is an excerpt of the list.