The thoughts behind the Matti Digital Print Foundation

The technical requirements for digital inkjet machinery vary heavily depending on the application. Therefore, Matti's approach is always to fully understand the application and the result the customer is seeking. From there, the technical solution is sketched and the proposal is made to the customer.

Built on this insight, Matti has developed a powerful foundation to build the technology around the application.

We are convinced that technological flexibility is required, especially when it comes to the selection of the best possible print head for the job at hand. This is why Matti follows a vendor-independent approach, allowing to utilise all technology that is available on the market. Going from that standpoint, the logical consequence is that the Matti Digital Print Foundation is designed with an abstraction layer towards the underlying hardware components used. Such implementation makes it possible to easily accommodate for whatever the specific application demands.

All components of the Matti Digital Print Foundation have been developed by Matti and are therefore fully under control and can be adapted as required.
The here presented sections provide some insight into the available subsystems, thought as the basis for ongoing discussions that must take into consideration the specific application.

The Matti team is therefore always available to go into more detail together with interested customers. Please contact us for more information or some firsthand expert advice on how to implement your specific requirements.

Please download product documentation via below links or contact us at any time via the contact form (here) and select "Request Documentation".

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