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Todays large amount of inks available for inkjet make the decision for the right ink a difficult one. Many aspects are to be considered, such as suitability for the application at hand, technical compatibility, reliability considerations and, last but not least, economical feasibility. Matti can assist customers with many aspects of the selection process and support in making the choice the right choice. To do so, Matti has the possibility to perform an array of tests with inkjet printheads of different manufacturers. Tests normally include chemical compatibility testing of the ink to the inkjet printheads but also to components used in a machine design, waveform engineering and jetting reliability testing on a dropwatcher system but also in a simulated real-world environment on our lab machines.

All tests are documented in a scientific way and results are presented to the customer, together with advice geared towards ink developers or machine builders.


The Inkjet Test Platform is targeted towards customers that are developing inkjet inks, i.e. ink manufacturers or production companies, that develop and iterate their own inks. The test platform allows altering all sorts of parameters that influence the process from printing to finished product and these processes can be reproduced on the test platform. Reduced risk, better process reliability, faster time to market and the possibility to run into a small-scale production are the benefits that come with this solution. Especially ink manufacturers will benefit from the possibility to easily exchange the printbars of the system to work with inkjet heads of different manufacturers.

For further product documentation about the process, see our Services section about Ink Testing or, to get in touch with us, fill in the contact form (here) and we are happy to contact you.

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