Participation at Seiko Open Week 2023

Seiko Open Week 2023: Innovations and Perspectives for the Inkjet Printing Industry

Matti Technology AG successfully participated in the Seiko Open Week 2023, an excellent event that attracted a focused audience of specialists, partners, and customers. The event highlighted significant advancements in inkjet printheads, inks, and related technologies. Networking with professionals from around the world proved to be highly valuable. We are grateful for the opportunity to engage in meaningful discussions and strengthen our commitment to innovation in the inkjet printing industry.

Here are our key take-aways:

New Technologies and Products:
Seiko Open Week provides a platform for leading companies in the inkjet printing industry to showcase their latest technologies and products. Our participation enables us to present our innovative solutions to a wide audience of professionals and interested individuals. Our solutions set new standards in terms of print quality, speed, and versatility. All made possible through close collaboration with our strong partner network.

Networking and Collaboration:
A trade fair like the Seiko Open Week offers us the opportunity to connect with other players in the printing industry and explore collaboration opportunities. The exchange of ideas, best practices, and experiences can lead to fruitful partnerships that foster innovation and growth. We are excited about many interesting conversations before, during and after the event.

Insights into the Future of the Printing Industry:
The Seiko Open Week provides a platform for current innovations and offers a view into future developments in the printing industry. Through presentations, discussions, and expert conversations, we will have the opportunity to explore industry trends and challenges.

Thank you to the Seiko Germany team for hosting the event - this benefits all.

Watch the interview on Future Print TV

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