Major European Government Office installs Kern K161 (MFP Lite)

A major European Government Office has installed new Canon digital colour print lines with multi-function processors K161’s. The Kern K161’s manufactured by Matti eliminate printer contamination caused by paper processing pre printer, aiding increased volume throughput, improving efficiency and reducing costs. Matti/Kern provided a custom solution to add sprocket punching, full width A3 cross perforating and vertical perforations post printer.

The Challenge To supply a paper processing machine to run on-line with Canon digital colour presses, without influencing the high quality colour print, guaranteeing no paper contamination or increased web disruptions caused by paper processing/converting pre printer. The printed documents produced had to be processed to fully meet the precise registration, security and quality requirements without reducing productivity of the highly productive finishing department. The solution needed to be a white paper process conforming to established workflows, ensuring the digital presses could print to their full potential without stoppages or effecting servicing requirements all with minimum operator intervention.

The Solution The main question was how to maintain the printer’s high print quality and not change printer down time for things like cleaning, possible web breaks or increased maintenance intervention. The obvious way was to carry out all the paper processing requirements post printer, therefore allowing the printer to process untouched paper stocks supplied directly from the mill. The K161 the Lite version Multi-Function Processor offered the most compact solution as it could be configured with all required tooling devices in a small footprint. The units were configured as post printer devices with Sprocket Punching programmed to register to the printed page line, full width horizontal perforating beams and vertical perforating cassette for Giro production and other perforation applications.

The Conclusion A K161 (MFP Lite) unit that sprocket punches and perforates post printer ensuring maximum up-time of the digital press. Assuring no potential of printer contamination from paper dust, dangling paper fibres, loose confetti or possible breaks caused by preprocessing the web before the printer and no changes to printer internal web tensions. Sprocket punching post printer allows the printer to function as in a "White Paper" environment. Tooling selection and job set up controlled from the HMI panel.

Here you can find more information on the Matti MFP Lite.

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